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Importers of Car Air Conditioning Spares

We source products from around the world and directly from the manufacturer so any price advantages are passed on to our clients.

National Distribution

Most of the car air conditioning installation centres in the country are limited to the repair and installation of various parts and products bought from the local wholesaler. This is where Harrack has a foothold in the market place. Our stock holding encompasses a vast range of products, and this makes the availability of spares a mere formality. Agents countrywide are supplied from Harrack stock by courier, post or urgent overnight deliveries on a daily basis.

Customised Installations

Harrack takes pride in our custom built units. Overland 4x4's as well as up-market exotic cars are catered for. The cost effectiveness and quality of these custom built installations make Harrack a leader in this field. Our customised installations include the on-site installation of air conditioning in all earth moving vehicles and construction vehicles.

Established Workshops

This division is for the day to day repairs of automotive air conditioning systems. Repairs are not limited to the trade but are available to the public as well. Our workshop is centrally located and easily accessible from the highway.
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